MadPOS - a convenient POS & Store Management System

MadPOS - a convenient POS & Store Management System

MadPos – A very convenient POS and Store Management System is PHP-Codeigniter, jQuery, AJAX-based application with a view to real life use. This is suitable for businesses of small, medium and large categories.

The point of sale system is very easy to use, even without touching the mouse and in the POS page you can do live search of customers or products and add customers on the fly without moving away from the POS page. So when the client is there, you just add him/her and continue taking orders. You can export reports prepared using Excel Format. It has a very robust reporting system which you can check out in our Demoor checkout the video here- Video Demo.

It’s easy to set the application up. It can be used online or in mobile devices, iPads, tablets or laptops. The application is ultra-responsive on any device. It supports Multi Language (nine major languages already translated into) and any new language can be added with minimum effort.

Simple & User Friendly Interface
Two user roles- Admin/User
Customer Detail & Customer Sales History
Add Customer without leaving POS Screen
Webcam ready customer registration form
Search Products from POS
Search Customers from POS
Add items on sale in the POS with one click
TAB through the fields to add products in the POS, very convenient
Print Labels for Products
Customize the Invoice info at your liking
Print Receipt to Customer
Automatically deducted Stock Qty. from Inventory when item sold from POS
Today/This month/Custom Dates Sales Report (Export Sales Report in Excel Format)
Check today’s sales
Barcode scanner/reader compatible
Set defaults category, customer, Site Name, Receipt Header/Footer
Top Products
Custom Product Report
Comprehensive and insightful Reporting
Search by Date/Name/Invoice
Export Report by Excel Format
Expenses and Expense Report
Expenses Category
Set Currency for the Application(POS)
Easy to install the Project
Many more coming in the future updates
Simple User Interface


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