Google Sheets integration with ARForms

Google Sheets integration with ARForms

Google Spreadsheet Integration with ARForms

ARForms has a new extension which inserts data from form entries into prescribed Google Spreadsheet. Google Spreadsheet Integration with ARForms is just another WordPress plugin which you can install and manage just like other Wordpress plugins.



Configuration Google API

After activating the plugin, you will be able to see “ARForm’s google spreadsheet setting” under “ General Settings in Global Settings page.”

Configuration with form

To insert form entries data into Google Spreadsheet you have to configure below mention settings.
  • Inform Add/Edit page, go to Other Options, here you have to Enable Google Spreadsheet Integration.
  • Add predefined Google Spreadsheet name, in Spreadsheet name field. (Name of a spreadsheet which already exists or creates new).
  • Add Worksheet name in worksheet name (Tab) field. (default there is Sheet1 tab/worksheet inside your spreadsheet).
  • Select Field from the dropdown for which you have to insert data into your Spreadsheet and Enter column name respectively.
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