Directory Protector

Directory Protector
Directory Protector

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Version 1.2 Released!
Directory Protector allows you to protect directories that you specify by creating an index file in the chosen directories. I use it personally during website development projects myself as I like to see certain directories, while protecting others. You can use an .htaccess file as well (currently being developed for implementation in v1.2), but it usually protects all directories and then the directories will be forbidden instead of visible.
v1.2– 7th Mar 2012
Added .htaccess detection and protection.
v1.1 – 5th Oct 2011
Removed $HTTP_POST_VARS for PHP5.x compatibility.
Added a “Check All” and “Uncheck All” button to make the script a little easier to work with.
Added write detection rule to ensure Directory Protector can write to the chosen directories.
Added better index detection rules to ensure Directory Protector only protects directories that haven’t already been protected by index files.
Made the font a little larger for readability.


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