App will prevent stroke - Riskometer Strok Pro

App will prevent stroke - Riskometer Strok Pro
App will prevent stroke

We have already predicted natural disasters. But the calamity of physical disaster is easily matched? But this time, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because of the possibility of a stroke, the app will inform you in advance. An organization called the Stroke Foundation of Bengal has made such a claim.

It is known that an app called 'Riskometer' is coming to market. The manufacturer claims that it will help prevent people from stroke. Stroke Foundation says it is possible to prevent a lot of sudden stroke-like events in using the app.

The company said the app, designed specifically for smartphone users, can be used in 12 languages including English and Bangla. As a result, people of all languages can enjoy the benefits of this app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

An official of the Stroke Foundation of Bengal said the app user must first fill out a questionnaire to understand the possibility of stroke in advance. The app can predict the probability of a stroke through a user response.

The company thinks their 'Riskometer' app is a huge success. They think that if you love yourself, and are aware of your body, don't be late to download the app on a smartphone.


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