WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin
WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

WZone comes with a NEW Outstanding Feature, Amazon Dropshipping!

We have had many requests from our clients, and finally decided to develop a feature that does it & much more!

Simply Import Products from Amazon into your Website, enable the Dropshipping option, Automatically add a Custom Tax (fixed or variable) on each product and Start Making Money!

Dropshipping Businesses have a large number of Advantages. Normally, if you want to start a Business, it can be costly to acquire large inventory, a warehouse and let’s not speak about the shipping costs.

Drop shipping offers an inexpensive way to acquire inventory which is not possible otherwise.

What are the Biggest Benefits of WZone Dropshipping?

  • You aren’t bound to a suggested retail price and can decide the retail prices on your own – automatically add a customs tax on each product (fixed or variable)
  • Save time and money! You do not need to maintain a warehouse, manage stock and care about the shipping.
  • Products Diversity – easily switch merchandise if your products don’t convert!
  • Flexible location – You can sell products from anywhere! Since the supplier does the shipping of the products!
  • Visible results – Immediate profit! This type of business does not require much investment, and it can bring you profits up to 100%!
  • The Amazon Dropshipping feature is very easy to use, from technical to the visual point of view. Worried about mathematical calculations? Oh no, if I put a 10% tax on an 11.23 product what’s the profit for me?!!!
  • Don’t worry about this! For each product that has dropshipping tax we automatically make some calculations and display the profit on the WooCommerce Products List / Details, Order List and Order Details!
  • Also, you might encounter a situation where after adding the Dropshipping tax, the prices will look funny like – 17.31$, or they display too many digits – 17.31432$.
  • We added some features that help you style the prices, so they look more appealing to your customers.
  • Activate Rounded Prices For Marketing – Want to display prices on your website with more style? Like 19.99$, 23.99$? Simply enable this option.
  • Wish to display the prices more customer friendly? Make them rounded?
  • 12.7$ will become 13$ if you set it on going up or 12$ if it’s going down!
  • Also, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of what products to order for your customers on Amazon.
  • On each order, you will find the availability of the product, on what Amazon website is available and also keep track of the products ordered on Amazon, by giving them statuses like – New, Processing or Completed.
  • Worried about prices changing on Amazon? Don’t worry, you can still sync Products with Amazon.


  1. Files Included : JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL Created:22 September 12
    Price: $49 Last Update: 8 may 2019
    Total Sales:  25,087+ Author: AA-Team

    Note: This Information Updated: 2-12-2018



Dropshipping, or allowing a third party to fulfill orders is allowed by Amazon as long as you comply with their requirements.

You must:

  1. Be the seller of record of your products;
  2. Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips and other information included or provided in connection with them;
  3. Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products; and
  4. Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable Amazon policies.



WZone 10.1.2 Comes with High-Resolution Images!

From this update on, when you import a product, all the product images imported will be at a high resolution!

WZone 10.0.0 comes with a game-changing feature! The possibility to Direct Import Products straight from Amazon into your website without the necessity of having PA API keys!

Yes, you read that right!

No other competitor can offer you this. This is a true game-changer in the Amazon Affiliation Industry!

You will get rid of all manual efforts if you use WZone, the best Amazon Affiliates Plugin from the Market!

This cool and unique feature removes the stress of having to generate 3 qualified sales for new affiliates in order to get access to the Product Advertising API.

Simply install the WZone Direct Import Extension, browse through any Amazon Website, handpick the products you wish to import into your Store and click on the Import Button! You can import simple products and products with variations as well.

Want to import the same product at the same time on multiple websites? You have this possibility also! Simply authorize the WZone Direct Import Extension on multiple installs and you will be able to choose on what website you wish to import the products to.

Worried about duplicate products? No worries, the Import extension Direct detects if a product is already imported into your website.

The Products imported with the WZone Direct Import Extension have some drawbacks, for example, you cannot synchronize them. But after you get access to the Product Advertising API, simply add your keys into Amazon Config and you will be able to synchronize the products imported with the WZone Direct Import Extension as well.

  1. Hey guys! We just finished developing a new feature for WZone, that allows you to add multiple Amazon API Keys!

    Why you might ask?

    Well, if you’re a zone user, you might have noticed that sometimes the products import freezes or you get an error with ‘You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate‘ or ‘RequestThrottle‘. This might happen when you synchronize the products 

    Bitly Module

    Why did we develop this module? Well, as you might know, you don’t have too many options when comes to view statistics about the Amazon products you imported. Like, how many redirects a product had, where the user came from (location) and so on.

    Using this module you can get a short URL for your product links, that will be added automatically into your bitly account. This module enables you to drive recommendations based on a key phrase. For example, if you have a shop featuring apple products, you can get recommendations on what other Apple products to import. Also, on keyword click, it auto-searches for those keywords and sets them for import.

    Pagespeed Optimization Module

    The basic functionality of WZone is to let you import products from Amazon into your WordPress + WooCommerce website. Then, for those products, the plugin will keep your imported products synchronized according to how you set it up.

    The management of the products in the frontend (how they look, how fast your website will load) depends on how WordPress organizes the relationships between tables, how your caching plugin works and how capable your server is to manage everything.

    With WZone + Kingdom + a dedicated hosting, we were able to test-run a website with more than 10k products, most with A or B Optimization Scores and with a loading time of less than 1 second.

    What’s the purpose of this new module?

    Well, first you will see that when you’ll try to import some Amazon products, based on how many images, variations, categories & attributes you import, you will get an estimated Score that can be A, B, C or D (A = best score, D = worst score).

    It’s easy to think that when importing Amazon products you need ALL the images that the product comes with or ALL the Amazon Categories Tree that comes with the product, or ALL the Attributes that the product comes with or ALL the product variations (that can be many! many = even 300 variations for ONE PRODUCT!). This would overkill your database and dramatically decrease your WordPress’ resources.

    But you simply don’t have to:

    Importing only what’s relevant is the best strategy to follow.

    So, if you import products that have the Score D, this means that the products that you imported contain a lot of information (variations, categories, images, attributes), which combined with a cheap hosting server will mean that your website will possibly load very slow.

    Basically, this new module will help you improve your website speed by optimizing Amazon products, post-import.

    The product attributes will be optimized as post metadata instead of terms, which by itself will increase your website speed dramatically, then you will also be able to optimize the product categories, images, and more important variations. A product can have up to 300 variations! If you want to be an affiliate you really don’t need all those 300 variations, 60 categories, 600 images & 80 attributes that it comes with.

    Using this module you will be able to optimize your products in no time at all!

    warzone ASIN Grabber Chrome Extension

    Using WooZone ASIN Grabber you can Easily Create Product Lists while Browsing on any Amazon Website, Export as CSV or simply copy/paste the list into the Insane Import Mode (Already have a list tab) & Import any Number of Products in Seconds!

    This is the most Efficient way for you to choose Products from any Amazon website!

    Works with amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, Amazon. can, Amazon.it, amazon.es, amazon.co.jp, amazon.ca, amazon.fr, Amazon.in, amazon.com.mx, amazon.com.br

    As you might know, a keyword search does not work very precisely & fast, or simply doesn’t satisfy your needs.

    If you want to gather an ASIN’s list with exact items it might take a lot of time.

    That’s why we decided to develop an extension that will reduce your work to a minimum.

    Super features: No limit – choose any number of products from any Amazon website Super fast – simply click on “add product to list” that will be displayed above any Amazon product Super Easy to Use – a user-friendly interface

  2. We’ve just developed a new component that verifies if a product is available on all Amazon locations.

    Sign in for Amazon’s Associate's programs, get your affiliate ID, fill it out in the plugin, and for each product, we’ll verify if it’s available on amazon’s location that you’re signed in for. Example: Sign up for Amazon’s Associates Program for Mexic, Canada and United Kingdom. When a customer will visit your website, on the product’s details page there will be displayed the product’s availability on all 3 Amazon locations.

    That way, your customers will know for sure if a product is available!

    The component is by default Activated, but you can disable it on Amazon Config -> Plugin Setup (at the bottom

    Also, you have the possibility to display the ” Product Availability by Country Box ” on the Product’s details page, on 4 different places.

    1. Above the “Add to Cart” button

    2. Above the Thumbnail & Title

    3. As Wocoommerce Tab

    4. Above the Woocommerce Tabs

    Auto Import

    We’ve developed a new module called Auto Import. This new module helps you import products automatically.

    You just need to set a keyword, set up how many pages to import and simply add it to Queue.

    You can also set up the recurrence, how often to import products. After you did that, the Cron will import products at the recurrence time you set up.

    You can see the status of the auto import, delete, publish/unpublish, see if the products were imported or if there was an error when it started, ended and when it will run next.

    Amazon Remote Images

    In this version we have a new feature regarding images, more exactly how you can use the products images straight from Amazon’s CDN.

    What’s Amazon CDN?

    Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your websites, APIs, video content or other web assets. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to accelerate content to end users with no minimum usage commitments.

    What are the benefits of using this?

  3. Import products from Amazon much faster
  4. Speed up your website – faster loading time for your customers
  5. Boosts the performance of your website using the Distributed data centers. Amazon’s CDN makes your website’s images available from data centers around the world (called edge locations). When a visitor requests a file from your website, the request is automatically redirected to a copy of the file at the nearest edge location, which results in faster download times than if the visitor had requested the content from a data center farther away.New Framework Design & Functionality

    Introducing Insane Import

    Version 8.2 contains a new module called ‘Insane Import’ that allows more complete control over the import process.

    Using this new module you are able to import 50 products at a time on general search, and 100 products on category/subcategory search.

    Depending on the Fine Tuning Import Settings you will have a better estimate on how much time the import will take, depending on various factors like a number of images/variations and so on.

    Files Included : JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL Created:22 September 12
    Price: $49 Last Update: 8 may 2019
    Total Sales:  25,087+ Author: AA-Team

    Note: This Information Updated: 2-12-2018