Simple Store Locator

Simple Store Locator
Simple Store Locator

This store locator enables users to search for defined locations (stored in a database) by presenting the results inside a Google Map but also in a list on the side (that includes a pagination if the results returned are more than the defined results limit). It also enable the users to view the street view of any selected location.

Please note that this app doesn’t have a backend interface where you can manage your stores and categories. If you need an admin interface you can use the one coming with our Advanced Store Locator that is fully compatible with this app.
- Uses the latest Google Maps API (version 3)
- Search locations by address, postal code, city or country
- Geocodes the given addresses and returns the closest results
- Unlimited categories can be added and used as filters
- Each location can have its own logo
- Supports an AJAX side menu displaying the list of locations
- Pagination supported in results display (uses AJAX)
- Dynamic Street view display
- Distances filter (new)
- Detect user’s location and display the closest stores automatically (new)
- Get directions links (new)
12 Feb 2018
- Added support for the Google Maps API Key
19 August 2015
- Updated the from mysql (deprecated) to mysqli
- Added a Responsive Design
- Now based on the latest Bootstrap v3.3.5
- Added the display of the marker info window when a location is selected
- Added the display of the current page + total pages in the pagination
- Added the automatic loading of the closest stores when a user location is detected
- Added the automatic reload of the page when a form filter is selected
- Added more CSS controls over the displays (pagination, side bar list, current location box etc)
- Improved the way the stores are loaded on the Map for (faster loadings)
- Now compatible with all our other store locators
16 Mars 2011
- Made the address parameter optional. If no address is specified returns the list of locations and removes the distance display on the side menu.


File Include :     JavaScript JSON, HTML, PHP, SQL Created:   1 January 11
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