Huawei’s Plans to Challenge Google & Apple with Own New OS

Huawei’s Plans to Challenge Google & Apple with Own New OS
Huawei’s Plans to Challenge Google & Apple with Own New OS

Huawei has been planning to build its own operating system for its devices for a while now. Recent events have made that effort more important to the company then ever.

New OS already in the works

We already knew Huawei was working on its own PC and mobile operating systems, in the event that such a boycott came in, so the updates on a conceivable name being trademarked isn't too amazing. 

There's no certification that Ark OS relates to the company's new mobile platform, however the planning positively seems to arrange pleasantly, with reports proposing it might be prepared for dispatch before the year's end. 

It's as yet uncertain whether this is authoritatively the stopping point for Huawei's Android association, or if a U-turn by Google may even now be on the cards, yet the Chinese firm will probably have a daunting struggle on the off chance that it is compelled to move onto it claim working framework. 

We've seen various elective versatile working frameworks battle to pick up footing as of late -, for example, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu for cell phones and Firefox OS - demonstrating it is difficult to split far from the set up players of Android and iOS. 

A key defeat to huge numbers of these option working frameworks has been an absence of applications, and if Huawei has any desire for its new stage getting on outside of its home country it should guarantee it has support for most of major applications from dispatch - which will be no simple accomplishment.

Huawei’s Plans to Challenge Google & Apple with Own New OS

For the past few years, Huawei has joined other electronics and mobile device manufacturers in using Google’s Android operating system for its mobile devices, helping the Android OS become the most widely used OS in the world. But Huawei isn’t just any company, they are the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world, after Samsung, and enjoys a dominating 20% market share in China, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets for consumer electronics.

It sells more phones than Apple, but doesn’t enjoy the same kind of brand recognition that its Western rivals do, especially since it has to rely on Google’s operating system to power those devices, making them just another Android device maker in a market full of android devices. So it's no surprise then that Huawei has been considering introducing its own OS to run on its devices.





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