Direct Me - location map & more!

Direct Me - location map & more!

Direct Me is a very simple but effective tool for your website. It doesn’t just offer the usual embedded map for website visitors with customisable logo and location description, but also allows you to provide directions to the premises for your visitors. What’s more, Direct Me can also remember where your visitors are from so it becomes a very powerful tool for gathering important user data.

Features at a glance:

Easy to customise location map, including customisable…
business icon
location description
location title
Popup JavaScript window
Saves user input to:
CSV – ready for Excel (and no painful databases!) (requires PHP 5)
or MySQL database if you prefer
And of course it includes comprehensive help documentation and free support
This is a very useful component for any contact us page and with the directions component it isn’t an ordinary embedded map.


File Include :     HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL Created:     28 January 10
Total Sales : 342 Last Updat:    28 January 10
Price:$6 Author: gostart

Note: This Information Updated:6-12-2020